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Winter Wander

Looking for a way to add some festive cheer to your life in the run up to the big day? Our Winter Wander is a 'one stop shop' with all the information you need to safely sing this Christmas.*

*Please note, winter wander is not allowed in tier 4.

Inspired by conversations with Craig McLeish of ChoirCommunity, the Project Get Singing Team developed the 'Winter Wander' for choirs, families, friends and people who just love a good Christmas sing! Below are links to some instructions to show you how to run the 'wander' with your participants, a sample code of conduct to send out to your participants and a template risk assessment.

For those unable to participate in a Winter Wander, we recommend these alternatives.

The 'Winter 'Wander' has been designed with England in mind, but please visit our guidance page to check guidance for your region - in particular the 'Making Music' link has a region checker tool.



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Code of Conduct

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Risk Assessment

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We would like to get the nation singing safely during this wonderful festive season, when we will all miss this warming and shared part of Christmas.  As experienced vocal leaders we have been following and developing safe practice procedures throughout this changing year based on the science and keeping within governmental guidance. We now want to share our findings with you so that together, we can spread some Christmas cheer by doing what we love most; singing.


We've developed a plan for a 'winter wander' in groups of no more than 6 (you can have multiple groups as long as they don't mix) where you can sing songs together as you walk. These 'wanders' will not be publicised beforehand to maintain safety and keep in line with social distancing advice, but instead will be a joyous surprise for bystanders as they receive some Christmas cheer from your singing. 


Having decided on your carols/songs and their order, you share the playlist around your group (visit ChoirCommunity for some Christmas arrangement & backing track ideas, or just use the original song and sing along!).  Then in groups of no more than 6; distanced, you process through your defined route (town centre, park, etc) with the groups spaced out, so for bystanders as the sound of one group begins to fade, the next group comes into earshot.  You can ‘flyby’ a location and share the Christmas cheer with them without publicising an ‘event’ and causing the least amount of ‘gathering’ in order to be the ‘Elves of Joy’ sprinkling warmth around the world.  Especially when we need it so much right now. We all know how moving, uplifting and exciting music can be, so together, let's use this opportunity to do share that.




  • Singers will be allocated into groups of 6 with varying roles as detailed below.

  • Talk through the safety protocol of walking through public spaces so that everyone is aware of pavements, traffic and potential bottle necks.

  • Plan out a short route; singers to arrive near the starting point keeping distanced, and to begin walking in their distanced groups at the allocated time slot.  Singers to greet each other and disperse from the end point with no contact and not breaking the distancing rule (1.5m).  The groups MUST remain separate and CANNOT mingle once the walk is finished.

  • No singer to break their quarantine or isolation guidance; and any singers with any symptoms should not attend.  Singers with any current displaying cold/flu should avoid attending in order to keep passers-by calm.

  • Singers to NOT engage with any members of the public other than through song or clapping.  ZERO contact.

  • If having more than one group of 6 involved, please call your local Police Community Liaison Officer 2 weeks in advance of the event date ( ‘local police force finder’)

  • We recommend:

    • Depending on location and time of day; high vis jackets at least for 2 people in each group who then remain on the outside opposite edges of each group

    • 'Singers Masks'; for those who do more regular singing because they enable easier speech and movement within a mask. If you don't have a singers mask, a normal masks will suffice.

On the day:

  • Ensure your singers are wrapped up well and have planned for the weather.

  • Carry sanitisers and wipes just in case; these should not be necessary other than if your path passes through some form of gate; in which instance, one nominated person opens and holds the gate cleaning the handle on arrival and departure.

  • Ensure a minimum of 2 metres between singers (two full pace walking steps apart).

  • One nominated person in each group, walking in the centre of their cluster brings and carries:

    • Phone with Bluetooth speaker

    • Small portable music system (battery operated)

  • At the appointed time ALL groups hit play on the playlist and the first group begins ‘processing’.

  • Keeping an eye on each other the groups should stay a good distance apart and maintain a casual stroll, no faster.

  • On encountering any other group of people, the groups should wait for the other people to continue on their own path and allow them to pass maintaining distancing at all times.  If the other group is static, our singers should cross the road/circumnavigate that space in order to maintain route and safe distancing.

  • Everyone should sing with enthusiasm, but not shout.  The sound from the speakers should be set just loud enough to support the singers and carry a few feet beyond the edges of the group but no more so that the voices of the singers are not straining.

  • No group should stop and sing in any location EVER (barring waiting for a pedestrian crossing or as required by traffic or other people in the processional route)



  • Publicise the date and time of your walk

  • Collect money in person on the walk


  • Have fun, take a selfie and wear festive attire!

  • Tag any posts on social media with the hashtag #projectgetsinging so we can share your experience with the rest of the UK 

  • Please note that if you are doing any filming or photography, you should seek permission from the members of your group beforehand



If you are unable to participate in a Winter Wander then please consider these alternatives:

Doorstep Carols

Sing Silent Night for the Nation

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