Useful Links

Project Get Singing is here to support you continue with group singing activities with confidence. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of useful links taking you straight to the key places for information related to choirs and other group singing. These links take you to webpages which present reliable and up to date information relating to all things singing. You can also find useful links to explain some of the scientific work relating to the voice and other relevant research. 

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Voices, Voice Teachers & Choirs


AOTOS - Directory of Singing Teachers


Modern Vocal Training - Directory of Singing Teachers

Institue for Vocal Advancement.PNG

Institute for Vocal Advancement - Directory of Singing Teachers


British Choirs on the Net - Directory of Choirs

Big Big Sing.PNG

Big Big Sing - Directory of Choirs


Gerontius - Directory of Choirs

Singing with Headphones

Health benefits of singing

Oxford University - Singing improves health & happiness

BBC - Singing 'improves mental health and helps recovery

BBC Bitesize - Five potential health benefits of music

UK Government - Evidence summary for the role of arts in improving health & wellbeing

Mindsong - Music for Dementia

Sing up - The physical, psychological, social, musical and educational benefits of singing

British Voices Association - Voice care pamphlet

NHS - Choir singing may boost immunity in people affected by cancer

NHS - Music and dementia - a powerful connector


Education & Youth Singing


Music Mark - includes 'Music Unlocked' for kickstarting music in schools 


Friday Afternoons - includes a free song book when signed up

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SingUp logo.PNG

Sing Up - includes song/resources bank which requires membership

Other Useful Links

Sing for pleasure - The National Choral Charity

National Teachers' Choir