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Sunday 14th April 


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Welcome to MDBrunch's #SingLive on World Voice Day!

Sunday 14th April, 1-3pm

The Scoop

London Bridge City, SE1 2AA


Sign Up Here (3 questions / 2 mins)



All over the globe on 16th April, World Voice Day will be celebrated through workshops, concerts and similar events so we are very excited to bring some exceptional and fun leaders to lead us through feel-good, well known songs so that we can inspire passers-by and their friends to enjoy singing with us!

There is NO pre-learning, NO sheet music or lyrics to print out and it's completely FREE!

Who's leading on the day? 

Sandra Oberoi  ( 
India ) 

Camilo Mejura ( Colombia )  

Claude Deppa ( South Africa 



What you need to know:
Bring water
Accessible site 
NO toilet facilities (cafes etc in the area)
Dress for British weather


There isn't much else to say other than come enjoy a fun day out, bring your friends and family and get ready to get your sing on; that's what we do at our #SingLive events!


Sign Up Here (3 questions / 2 mins)


Camilo Menjura


Claude Deppa

Sandra Oberoi - Headshot.jpeg

Sandra Oberoi

Naveen Arles - Head Shot - by Marina Chichi.jpg

Naveen Arles BCA

World Voice Day 2023 

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