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The Health Benefits of Singing - a little reminder…

On Monday 12th April, England entered step 2 of the road map out of lockdown. At the time of writing, the DCMS have however stated that guidance for non-professionals remains the same as for the period from 29th March, meaning that activity should only take place within social contact limits - six people, or two households meeting outside. This is disappointing news for those hoping to start live rehearsals outdoors, but Making Music and the ABCD continue to seek further clarification.

It brings us back round to what drives Project Get Singing - promoting the ENDLESS benefits of singing: health, wellbeing, belonging.

It is great to have a reminder of how singing can impact so positively on our lives, and for that reason, here is a link to an article from February 2021 from the ‘Opera North’ website entitled ‘10 Reasons Why Singing is Good for You’.

So click the link here: and slowly read through each point to give yourself that reminder of everything singing means to you and your thoughts about the prospect of returning to live singing, whether it’s this month or further down the line.


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