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Choirs at the Tower

Project Get Singing is proud to present ‘Choirs at the Tower’, a festival of choral singing around the iconic grounds of the Tower of London, over the weekend of 21st and 22nd August.

It has been wonderful to see choirs returning over the past few weeks, and particularly to hear what an impact the return to singing has had on choir members across the country. It is a great pleasure then to bring choirs together to share in two days of singing in the shadow of the historic Tower of London.

Sixteen choirs will be singing across the two days at various points around the Tower. Visitors to the Tower will hear half-hour sets from the Wharf, the East Side of the Tower, and the Moat, and each choir will be singing through the day at each of these places.

There will be a wonderfully varied selection of music on show, including pop choirs, community choirs, musical theatre, gospel, folk and sea shanty choirs, and groups singing madrigals from before the time the Tower became the tourist attraction it is today, with lots more besides.

The best way to hear the Choirs at the Tower is to visit the Tower yourself. It is no surprise that tourist attractions like the Tower of London have been hit incredibly hard by the pandemic, and it is privilege for Project Get Singing to play a part in the Tower’s rejuvenation.

Project Get Singing is all about spreading the word that choirs and singing with others is a hugely beneficial activity. We campaigned tirelessly while choirs were prohibited from singing indoors before restrictions were eventually lifted. It is therefore our joy to present ‘Choirs at the Tower’, bringing together singers from across the UK to share in the power of singing together.


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