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Step 3 is nearly here!

On Monday 17th May, we move into Step 3 of the government’s Road Map out of lockdown. This has been a long wait for choir leaders, and although specific guidance has yet to be released, many choirs across the UK will making their first steps back into the rehearsal room (or the rehearsal park!).

It is so timely then that over the last week, the Project Get Singing and MDBrunch community has been watching in amazement as a short video posted to TikTok, and taken without their knowledge at the #SingLive at the Tower of London on Saturday 8th May, has gone viral.

The video was taken by Tom Houghton, a comedian who goes by the name ‘Honourable Tom’. In another of his videos, he explains how he comes to be living in the grounds of the Tower of London. The singing he unexpectedly heard floating around the courtyard inspired him to record and post the video and the wave of positivity that has come from this has been a joy to behold.

Here are just a handful of some of the most powerful comments:

“Moments like this make me question my depression”
“What the gates of Heaven sound like”
“...I love how music can alter my mood so drastically..”
“....Singing saved me during this pandemic”

Tom's simple posting of this video, and being so honest and humble and open with his reality and heart show again the huge benefit the Arts have on health and well-being. Do go and find the TikTok post for yourselves and read the wall of posts underneath Tom's insights.

In the meantime, don’t forget to keep an eye on our One Stop Shop and FAQs where you can find links to Making Music and ABCD’s guidance pages so that you can be confidently ready to welcome your singers back into the room to experience the unquestionable joy of singing together!


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