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One Stop Shop is the place for all your Covid guidance needs

We are entering a new phase in our return to singing in person, though as the dust settles on the announcement of the four-stage road map by the Prime Minister on Monday 22nd February, this is where our ‘One Stop Shop’ comes into its own.

It remains unclear when in person singing might recommence for non-professionals. Our ‘Four Steps to Freedom’ page will show you that the focus of the relaxation of lockdown restrictions is that the chances of transmission outdoors is much lower than indoors. With that in mind, more outdoor activities are returning, possibly from 12th April, with indoor entertainment reopening from 17th May. The ABCD do however state on their designated Covid page that they are seeking clarification as to whether outdoor rehearsals might be able to begin when other outdoor activities return.

What will remain the same for now is the need for rigorous risk assessments and mitigations being in place, and you can read the Government’s principles for safer singing here. The good news is that if you did hold rehearsals last autumn then your choir will have these things in place already, so it should not take too much to reach the stage of being able to sing together in the same space once again.

For those returning to school from 8th March, you can read about how to approach singing in the Government’s ‘Schools coronavirus (COVID-19) operational guide from page 54. Similar to non-professional music making, it is encouraged to rehearse or sing outdoors, though if this is not possible, maintaining distance and sticking to bubbles is essential.

This is the speck of light we had hoped to see at the end of the tunnel, but there is still a way to go. What we do expect is for an explosion of amateur music making as soon as is allowed, and the celebration this will bring back to our communities will stick long in the memory, we are sure of that!


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