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MDBrunch gets Intensive

This weekend we see the launch of MDBrunch’s first ‘Intensive’ weekend. Nav and Mel and the MDBrunch team have put together a formidable series of workshops and webinars for MDs and singers alike, with each day culminating in a Singalong session which choir members can join for a new singing experience.

The sheer breadth of expertise and experience on offer is breathtaking, whether you are looking for new ideas with your conducting gesture, learn more about how the voice works, find out about how you can use Kodaly method principles in your rehearsals or make a professional looking video using just your smart phone! And that’s not all: songs from Asia, gospel and pop sessions and new approaches to this packed weekend make it one that will stick in the memory!

You can read all about the workshop leaders on our designated #Intensive page!


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