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Important updates for group singing announced

On Friday 26th March, two important documents were released with regard to singing as lockdown restrictions begin to ease.

The key paragraph, as highlighted on the ABCD’s website states that 'People can take part in non-professional performing arts activity outdoors in groups of up to 6 people, or as a group of 2 households. A group made up of 2 households can include more than 6 people, but only where all members of the group are from the same 2 households or an exemption applies (for example a support bubble). Social distancing should be maintained between people who do not live together or share a bubble.'

The Church of England have also enabled more singing to take place, now allowing congregational singing outside and small groups providing music when essential to the worship. For more details, visit:

Further to these, Making Music now has a more extensive planning facility on its website for members. Prior to this announcement, they continued to advise that you ‘go further than ‘Rule of Six’ and treat everyone as a sub-group of 1 – and do not allow for any mixing at all. This will mean your rules can be very simple and clear and make the rehearsal much easier to manage’.


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