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What is MDBrunch?

MDBrunch is a skills sharing, training, networking and support organisation for people who make singing happen (MDs).  Through events we aim to both create a community for this often lonely profession and also promote the vital health and wellbeing work that we do for the communities around us and the impact it has.  Having grown over the last 6 years, MDBrunch now has a steering group led by Mel Field (Events Director) and Naveen Arles BCA (Founding Director).

MD (Musical Director) People who make singing happen: vocal leaders, choral directors, MDs, conductors, singing teachers, animateurs and all the people who have somehow been tricked into leading their school choir etc 

Brunch  a meal that has all the qualities of being chilled out and so cool people don’t even have to pretend to decide which meal they’re having.  A level or freedom of mind that is mostly always missing from MDs.

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