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World Voice Day and final 12twelve12

Today is special for two very important reasons.

Firstly, it is ‘World Voice Day’ , an annual event celebrating the voice in all its forms. Every year on 16th April, events take place globally to emphasise the importance the voice has on each and every one of us, whether it is to promote good mental health, or highlight how voice problems can affect everyday life. This is particularly important in the time of Covid as so many have had singing taken out of their lives, despite the advent of rehearsing online.

To help out choir leaders and singers in this time of live choral drought, ‘Project Get Singing’ used its ‘12twelve12’ initiative to provide new ideas, show a different face, and simply give the opportunity for some to re-engage with singing. This varied, educational and entertaining series comes to its conclusion with the release of Juliet Russell’s video on Pop singing. So once you’ve watched that one, go back and take in some of the previous offerings from some of the UK’s (and beyond!) leading choir leaders. There is so much to incorporate into regular choir life, whether it’s the short breathing warm up you were looking for, ways to get your singers to communicate and connect with words more effectively, or simply to explore some musical styles you have always wanted to try.

The Project Get Singing team are so proud of ‘12twelve12’, and grateful to the choir leaders that gave their time to make these fantastic videos, and to be able to bring this initiative to a close on this auspicious day for all those that use their voice makes it all that more special!

Project Get Singing’s ‘12twelve12’ series:


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