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What an #Intensive weekend it was!!

The first virtual MDBrunch Intensive ever and it was a resounding success, with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

We had an exceptional and diverse group of 12 Leaders for the weekend, teaching and sharing all aspects of their specialised skill sets.

These included: -

Video editing on your phone, Conducting Gesture, Vocal Health, Kodály, Advanced warmup and aural training approaches based on chords and related scales, Malaysian and Indian vocal styling, with evening workshops of – Contemporary vocal technique and movement, Jazz and Gospel singing.

We were so happy to see lots of new faces at the workshops and as always with MDBrunch events, everyone seemed very comfortable and extremely happy, very quickly.

To read a selection of testimonials from across the weekend, visit our dedicated #Intensive page.

Planning is already under way for the actual #Intensive for 2021. (March was the replacement for the cancelled October 2020 weekend).

#Intensive21 will be a residential and hybrid weekend. This means we can still include our International Leaders and members and not exclude anyone in the UK from attending either.

We are looking at 1st – 3rd OCTOBER ’21 (tbc).


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