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Singing through the Pandemic

So many choir leaders have kept the show on the road with their choirs over the last year, and it is great to see one such choir tell their story in a national newspaper.

The Dunvant Male Choir was due to celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2020, and is Wales’s longest running male singing group. As with all non-professional choirs, their year was thrown into disarray as in-person singing was banned and at the time of writing is still only allowed outside in small groups. On top of that, guidance differing from other parts of the UK meant that choirs in Wales had to stay silent in the window when group singing was allowed in England in Autumn 2020.

This inspiring article tells the story of how Zoom rehearsals has kept the choir together, highlighting once more the positive social impact that singers seeing their friends each week, albeit on a screen, has had on this historic choir.


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