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Project Get Singing shine a light for singers

As non-professional singers continue to feel the uncertainty of varied and confusing guidance, it is about time that some positivity is celebrated in the midst of such difficult times.

Since March 2020, choir leaders have bounced back time after time to continue to support and engage their singers, and the current situation is no exception. Choirs have taken full advantage of a run of clement weather around the country, called in favours with local farmers for open barns, found tunnels, bandstands and a myriad of other creative solutions in which to continue to bring their singers back to the joy of group singing.

In early May, Project Get Singing organised its first #SingLive. As reported on this website on 7th and 11th May, choir leaders from across the UK came together to sing in the grounds of the Tower of London, an event that ended up going viral on TikTok thanks to a video from ‘Honourable’ Tom Houghton. The song in question, ‘You Will Be Found’ from Dear Evan Hanson, was also picked up by the social media of that musical too, adding an extra dimension of excitement to the occasion.

Much of this event was filmed and on Sunday 13th June, we were proud to present the videoed performance of ‘You Will Be Found’ made at the end of an inspirational day that brought together choir leaders who had made connections in the virtual world, and were now singing together in the flesh. Watch the results here:

In the lead up to this video ‘dropping’, it was a joy to share images of Facebook displaying how choir leaders have once again bounced back and kept their choirs singing, many of these rehearsals being the first time their members had seen one another in person in over a year!

This comes a day after the government has confirmed a delay to Step 4, and with no further news from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, a continuation of the restrictions to choirs of up to six indoors. These waters have been muddied further with the announcement that choirs can rehearse indoors if working towards a ticketed event, insurance pending. Making Music have stated that member groups can go ahead as their insurers will cover rehearsals in the lead up to a ticketed concert. Non-members will need to check their status with their own insurers, and church choirs and other choirs that sing for singing’s sake, are still left outdoors or on hold.

One way of looking at this though is that outdoor rehearsals have exceeded expectations. With socialising allowed in groups of up to 30 outdoors, the camaraderie that was notable by its absence when working in bubbles of one in Autumn 2020 has made a welcome return, and where choirs might still be inclined to wear masks indoors, this requirement, with appropriate distancing in place, is less essential in an outdoor setting.

This does not detract from the longer term issues with which choirs are faced, still a step behind in guidance that only has one step left to go. The petition is still relevant and the campaigning still essential in order to get closer to the choral settings we know and love.


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