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No sign of infection after test concert in Spain, researchers say

On Thursday 28th April, the BBC reported that a trial event with a large audience in Spain showed ‘no sign’ of a higher rate of infection in those that attended.

The gig in Barcelona was attended by 5,000 people who wore masks but were not socially distanced. Within 14 days of the event, six people had tested positive for Covid-19, but this figure was lower than that found in the general population, and four were confirmed to have caught it elsewhere. Click the link below for the full story.

This is a positive step in the right direction as lockdown restrictions gradually ease in the UK. It does highlight however the need for continued mitigations, particularly in light of the much more concerning situation currently in India where crowds attended international cricket fixtures a couple of months ago with less stringent safety measures in place.

The UK Government has started its own trials for the return of mass gatherings, culminating in the FA Cup Final on Saturday 15th May.


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