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First Live Outdoor Rehearsal


Vocal Leaders

Saturday, 8th May 2021

As the country progresses through the Roadmap set out by the government to lift restrictions, 'Project Get Singing' is hosting a live outdoor rehearsal, at a truly Iconic London location,, the Tower of London, to demonstrate best practice for singing together safely, according to the new guidelines.  

This rehearsal of professionals will act as an inspirational springboard to encourage choirs and schools around the country to do the same as soon as they move into step 3 of the roadmap.


Project Get Singing would like to lead the way to reassure and encourage schools, community groups and choirs to sing together again.  With millions of music/singing fans and 2.2 million singers in 42,000 choirs across the country, Project Get Singing was set up to promote the positive benefits of singing as the world re-opens. 


Rebranding singing as vital to health and well-being and the impact group singing has on communities.

We will be creating a video with the collection of different media captured on the day.  

There will be a lot on social media on the lead up to 8th May. 
We would love for you all to be involved and share the day.

@projgetsinging   #SingLive


Details of the event:
-    Max 30 MDs
-    Outdoors
-    Distanced (2 metres between all singers)
-    Fully Risk Assessed


The Relevant Guidelines: make provision for the safe practice of music activity by professionals, here is the relevant section from DCMS 


2.3 Outdoor Events: […] Under the national restrictions, outdoor performing arts venues are closed but can be used by performing arts professionals for rehearsals, training and performances for broadcast or recording. (Updated 15th Mar 2021)

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