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Rules for the Schools

On Monday 8th March, schools in England reopened for all pupils. Timelines remain different in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but it is time for a little reminder that the Project Get Singing team are here for you to point you in the right direction for the most up to date guidance on singing.

Our ‘Guidance’ page contains a link to the Government’s 67-page document ‘Schools coronavirus (Covid-19) operational guidance’, and on page 54 you can read all about Music, Dance and Drama in schools. This document in turn links to the ‘Working Safely during coronavirus (Covid-19): Performing Arts’ guidance as well as the ‘Safer Singing’ guide.

The good news is that singing, wind and brass playing can go ahead, but take care: they should not take place in larger groups such as choirs and ensembles, or assemblies unless significant space, natural airflow and strict social distancing and mitigation can be maintained.

It is good to remind readers that if you did live music in your school in the Autumn months, the mitigations you had in place will be sufficient for you to continue now, though it’s currently preferable for these activities to take place outdoors if possible.

Whatever you choose to do, remember the importance of weighing up your pupils’ wellbeing with your ability to maintain distance in a well ventilated space and keep your risk assessments up to date.


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