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*** MDBrunch On The Road ***

MDBrunch is excited to meet and work with Vocal Leaders from around Greater Manchester.

MDBrunch training has so far always been London based. We want to reach out to more leaders around the country and we are coming to Rochdale on 18th Feb for a taster workshop. We would love you to come along and experience what we do as an organisation. 


1.30pm #WarmUpExchange
Starting with our exceptionally popular sharing time to expand and sharpen up your library of warm-ups.                  

Rehearsal Efficiency and Advancing Your Choir's Musicianship
A workshop meaning they learn your arrangements quicker and better! 

4pm Coffee/Networking

5pm Open Singing Workshop
Your choir members are invited to our 2hr workshop rehearsal.
*Opportunity* We will ask for a few of you to volunteer to try out the skills from the first session and either lead a warm up or teach a short section of a song to the room.


We are looking forward to meeting you there and if you have any queries, get in touch!


Events Director


St Anne's Academy, M24 6XN

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