MDBrunch #Intensive20 

5th - 7th March 2021

400 participants ** 24 hours of workshops

12 Leaders ** 3 Days

What an #Intensive weekend it was!!


The first virtual MDBrunch Intensive ever and it was a resounding success, with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

We had an exceptional and diverse group of 12 Leaders for the weekend, teaching/sharing all aspects of their specialised skillsets.


These included: -

Video editing on your phone, Conducting Gesture, Vocal Health, Kodály, Advanced warmup and aural training approaches based on chords and related scales, Malaysian and Indian vocal styling, with evening workshops of – Contemporary vocal technique and movement, Jazz and Gospel singing.

We were so happy to see lots of new faces at the workshops and as always with MDBrunch events, everyone seemed very comfortable and extremely happy, very quickly.

Planning is already under way for the actual #Intensive for 2021. (March was the replacement for the cancelled October 2020 weekend).

#Intensive21 will be a residential and hybrid weekend. This means we can still include our International Leaders and members and not exclude anyone in the UK from attending either.


We are looking at 1st – 3rd OCTOBER ’21 (tbc).


“You can tell when something has been a wonderful experience when you remember elements of it on a daily basis. I have not stopped thinking about how joyous, life affirming, educational and creative the MDBrunch #Intensive weekend was. I felt as though I learned 20 new things during each session and I’ve been inspired to continue to learn further from the fantastic group of leaders that was brought together by the team. To be part of a community that holds choral singing in all its diverse forms in such high regard is an honour and I can’t wait for the next MDBrunch session”.


Abigail Kelly  
Opera singer and singing teacher


"Q. How many vocal workshop leaders of the highest calibre does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 
A. I have absolutely no idea! However, if you were to ask me how many vocal workshop leaders of the highest calibre
MDBrunch packed into just one weekend of joyous learning, well, that’s easy. Twelve! 

Yes, TWELVE! In one weekend! The weekend was billed as #Intensive – defined as ‘concentrated on a single subject; very thorough or vigorous’ - and that sounds like a lot of really hard work. Au contraire! It was actually one of the most enjoyably diverse, laid-back, informative, rewarding, enriching, thought-provoking and fun-filled 72 hours of learning I’ve experienced in quite some time. The range of workshops was simply incredible! There was everything from the light-hearted (but essential these days!) learning of ‘How to Create Engaging Video (just using your phone)’ to the wonderfully insightful ‘Introduction to Vocal Health and First Aid’; from inspirational sessions on conducting, gesture and Kodály Methodology to pop vocal stylings and body percussion. There was Gospel. There was Movement. There was Magic and Mystique in the Asian Vocal Experience. There was Chord-Scale Vocal Workout. There was even a session simply entitled ‘Sing and Sound Cool with Pete’ (Churchill). What’s not to love?! 

With regard to learning new skills and different approaches to effective leadership of collective singing, MDBrunch’s #Intensive weekend was like shooting fish in a barrel!* I came away feeling thoroughly refreshed and reinvigorated, just what we all need after such a difficult and challenging year of trying our best to keep our choirs engaged in whatever way we can. So many of the new skills, ideas and approaches which were introduced over the course of the weekend will not only help keep our online rehearsals fresh in the virtual world which we currently operate in. They will surely continue to be of great benefit to me (and to my choir members, subsequently) for a long time to come.

My top 3 from the weekend:
• Juliet Russell – Pop Vocal Stylings 
• Dr Amy Bebbington – Conducting; Using What You Didn’t Realise You Were Already Good At 
• The magnificent presentation on the choral music of South East Asia (Chi Hoe Mak) and the vocal styles of South Asia (Sandra Oberoi). 

Thanks and congratulations to Nav and Mel and a first-class weekend. 
(*no fish were harmed in the making of #Intensive)

Maurice Kelly 
Director - Allegri; Orchestra NorthWest 
Creative Director - Every Voice Festival 
Derry, N.Ireland



Cracked Earth

"The weekend was absolutely fantastic!! It's been uplifting and challenging at times too but in the end, I learned so much. I have been singing non-stop since and guess what? I felt so excited I even bought a keyboard hahaha! Now I need to get serious about learning music."

— Lisa

Details of #Intensive20 sessions

A weekend of exceptional workshops led by an exciting team - ensuring all vocal  leaders and teachers continue their journeys by acquiring new skills and  exploring different approaches. 



Evening #singing sessions (7-9pm) are designed for CHOIR MEMBERS

Fri 5th
10am-12pm - Rob Glass Day 1
How to Create Engaging Video (just using your phone)

1-3pm - Dr Amy Bebbington
Conducting; Using What You Didn't realise You were Already Good At

3.30-5.30pm - Cyrilla Rowsell
Applying Kodaly Methodology to YOUR Rehearsals

7-9pm (Choir Members & MDs Session)
Juliet Russell (7-8pm) Pop Vocal Stylings with head vocal coach on The Voice UK
Ingrid Mackinnon
 (8-9pm) Movement and Body Percussion (Dance Captain -     Lion King, RSC)

Sat 6th
10am-12pm - Rob Glass Day 2
How to Create Engaging Video (just using your phone)

1-3pm - Mandy Miller

Efficiency: Enhancing your gesture and rehearsal pedagogy the CME way

3.30-5.30pm - Chi Hoe Mak and Sandra Oberoi

Spice: Magic and Mystique......An Asian Vocal Experience

7-9pm - John Fisher (Choir Members & MDs Session)

Gospel Night! 

Sun 7th
10am-12pm - Rob Glass Day 3
How to Create Engaging Video (just using your phone)

1-3pm - Pete Churchill

Chord-Scale Vocal Workout

3.30-5.30pm - Dr Jenevora Williams and Stephen King

Introduction to Vocal Health First Aid

7-9pm - Pete Churchill (Choir Members & MDs Session)
Sing and Sound Cool with Pete


£15 per individual workshop 


Day (4 sessions) £50 (instead of £60) 
Day (3 sessions) £40 (instead of £45) 
Rob Glass (3 sessions) £40

Evening choir members #SingAlong sessions (x3) 
£10 per session 
Book all 3 for £25 

For more information email:

Presenter profiles



Rob is a BBC-trained Video Journalist and to date has produced over 1,500 features for broadcast.



Amy is a passionate advocate for choral singing and choral conductor training. She is sought-after for her dynamic and engaging teaching style, and her wealth of choral pedagogical experience.


CKR selfie #3.JPG

Cyrilla was a class teacher of 4-9 year olds for 11 years before music teaching took over her life.  



Juliet is a music creative - a singer, composer, choir MD and vocal coach whose work spans the music, arts and entertainment industries.

Mandy  head shot.jpg


Mandy has been Head of Music in Lochgelly High School since 1987. She is renowned for training school choirs (including a Staff Choir) as part of the department’s many extra curricular activities. She has travelled extensively in Europe with her Choirs and Pipe Band.


Chi Hoe Mak enjoys a varied career as an award-winning choral conductor, singer, adjudicator and clinician. 



Sandra Oberoi, from Bangalore, India is the Choir Director of The Harmony Chorus, an award-winning youth choir.


A well-known and respected face in the British gospel and secular music industry, John has been creating music for over 25 years.


Pete Churchill has been working as a composer, pianist, singer and teacher for almost 30 years. 



Jenevora Williams 1.jpg

Dr Jenevora Williams is a leading exponent in the field of vocal health and singing teaching. 


Voice users from all over the world trust Stephen with their vocal recovery and rehabilitation.



Ingrid Mackinnon is a movement director, choreographer and teacher.