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Harlano Weekes

#SingLive with Harlano, director of CK Gospel Choir and long-time music industry professional.  Come, learn, laugh, be put through your paces and sing your heart out!

During our weekend of training to advance the skills of vocal leaders we always have an evening event for singers!  #Intensive23 has the usual array of shining stars of the vocal world coming to impart their wisdom and inspire your vocal leaders.  But on the Saturday evening, we all learn together under the master practitioner selected for our #SingLive.  Everyone can learn from their teaching style, pacing, approach and absorb the distilled wisdom of their decades of experience.  And this year we are extremely proud to finally be able to book Harlano and his towering music industry reputation.  The list of musicians he has toured with, written with and worked with is astounding - read all about him here!

Don't miss out!!!


TBC - Central London

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